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As our most versatile lighting solutions, our LED strip and flex work perfectly in an array of applications. So, it comes as no surprise that these solutions are more in demand than ever! As a result, we're making it even easier for you to incorporate LED strip into a lighting design scheme. Now, you can receive custom lengths of our popular LED strip and flex, pre-cut to your specifications.

In order to offer such a service, we have made investments at our Welwyn Garden facility, in both equipment and training. Our customers can now benefit from our customisation services.

Your vision, our technical know-how

LEDchroic precise beam angle

Step 1: Select the appropriate Indoor or IP Rated strip for your application


the effects of overshadowing

Step 2: Determine the amount of length in metres you require. Note that you need to order to the nearest full metre, but specify the exact length you need. Our strip can be cut every 50 or 100mm, depending on the model type. For example, if you require 2.7m, please order 3m.


the effects of overshadowing

Step 3: Cable tails can be pre-wired to save you installation time. Measure the length of electrical cable tails you need (priced per metre, with a 2 metre minimum) and we'll solder them to one end that includes a heat shrink connection.

We will custom fit LED strip to meet the dimensions of any bespoke site or project need, and we can cut strip to the nearest cut point. The advantage of cutting LED strip to length in our factory removes expensive on-site time for our customers and means you get the right lengths pre-cut and ready to install - fast! 

All cutting and modifications take place at our Welwyn Garden City modification centre, where our highly trained team will conduct the necessary adjustments to meet your requirements, delivering consistency and eliminating the hassle of what can be a daunting step in the installation process.

Electrical connections

We know that preparing the "tails" of LED strip and getting them soldered on-site can be challenging, particularly when LED strip is hidden from view and connections are difficult to reach. 

We want to make the process of installing our LED strip as easy as possible, and to that end we have introduced a service to add connection tails to any of our standard LED strip. This includes adding tails to any LED strip that has been cut to a specified length.

At your service

We aim to dispatch orders by next working day from receipt of your order, subject to order size. Please contact your local sales representative, our regional sales office or email us directly.




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