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What are LEDs?
LED stands for "light-emitting diode." LEDs are small light sources that become illuminated by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. 

What are the benefits of using LED Lighting?
LED lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting in history, producing energy savings of up to 80 percent when compared to traditional halogen lighting. Aurora LED lamps are rated with an average life of over 40,000hrs, all while being able to deliver superb thermal management and incredibly reliable and consistent light output. Our Premium >60lm/W LED PAR38 Lamps, for example, incorporate high-performance LED chips and full retrofit dimming capabilities, resulting in the most sophisticated, functional and flexible lighting solutions available. A 20W lamp outperforms a traditional 150W lamp in every category, with a power factor of >0.7, helping Aurora Lighting to revolutionize the industry forever as the leader in energy-saving solutions.

In reference to LED luminaire technology, what does COB refer to?
"COB" or "Chips On Board" is a new LED packaging technology specific to luminaire LED light engines. Multi-LED chips are packaged together as single lighting modules, which, when powered, produce highly efficient "lighting panels." COB products are increasingly popular because of their ability to increase light output 10 times more than standard LED solutions.

What does fire rated mean and why do I need fire rated products?
If a downlight is fire rated, it has intumescent materials incorporated into its design. These materials will expand when heated above a certain temperature, blocking any gaps, thereby maintaining the integrity of the ceiling and its ability to keep a fire from spreading to other areas of the structure. The fire rating is applied after the product has been tested and proven to withstand exposure to fire within certain time limits. Your area's building regulation codes will dictate whether fire rated products are necessary.

What are the exclusive benefits of installing Aurora's Universal fire rated downlights?
Aurora manufactures the most sophisticated fire rated downlights in the industry, including the world's first truly universal fire rated downlight - Aurora's Universal. Featuring multi-lamp compatibility and LED optimisation for longer lamp life, the Universal comes supplied with GU10 and MR16 lampholders to accommodate 12V / 240V LED, CFL and halogen lamps. To extend lamp life, the patented insulation cover, or IC, features enlarged ventilation slots designed to maximise heat dissipation and deliver optimal ventilation. This IC allows the downlight to be directly covered with thermal insulation material, including Celotex. Furthermore, the Universal is available in fixed, adjustable and IP65 rated solutions, and has been tested in 30, 60 and 90 minute fire-rated ceilings, an industry best.

What is thermal management and why does it matter when it comes to which lamps I purchase?
Temperature is the primary factor that limits the lifetime and light output of a lamp. It is common knowledge that electronic components do not perform as well, or last as long, when exposed to heat. A typical lamp will lose half its lifetime for every increase of 10 degrees Celsius, and this applies to all lamp technologies. In ceilings, temperatures can rise to 65 degrees. The best performing lamps will have a well-balanced combination of chip and heatsink, which will provide the most consistent light level and colour over the longest lifespan. Overall, the stated power of an LED lamp is no real indication of a lamp’s performance if heat is not managed properly. 

Which Emergency Pack will work with LED GU10s?
The EMTRCFL Emergency Pack will work with CFL and is most optimised for 6-10W LED GU10s. 

What is efficacy?
Efficacy is a term used to describe the efficiency of a lamp, which is measured in lumens per watt. To determine the efficacy of a lamp, divide the lumen output of the lamp by the watts consumed. 

What is CTA dimming and how can we incorporate its features into our lighting design?
CTA stands for Colour Temperature Adjustable dimming. Aurora has developed sophisticated electronics that allow custom LED lamps to emit light that becomes warmer when dimmed. Through the use of a dedicated control unit, lamp brightness and colour temperature can be calibrated simultaneously or independently, from a warm 3000K, to a neutral 4000K, to a cool 6400K. In the case of lighting design for interiors, this remarkable technology provides you with the flexibility to adjust the mood of a room. Since you have the ability to quickly and easily change the light's colour temperature, CTA is perfect for a room that has to multitask, such as a living room. Additionally, this technology simulates the exact colour tones of traditional incandescent lamps, while maintaining the unparalled performance and efficiency of LEDs.

What are CFL Reflector lamps and how do they benefit the environment?
Aurora's CFL Reflectors are five times more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lamps and feature the longest lamp life in the range with an average lifetime of 10,000 hours. Our Liquid-Mercury Free technology means that our range is the world's most environmentally friendly CFL Reflector as well as being fully recyclable. Furthermore, Aurora's CFL Reflector produces a stunning 1380Lm since introducing the innovative Nano-Brite technology, with lumen output now 35 percent brighter than competitor lamps.

Is it possible to operate compact fluorescent lamps on a PIR?
While it is possible, we do not advise that consumers use PIRs with CFL lamps because this application will greatly reduce the performance and lifespan of the lamps. Comparable Aurora LED lamps, however, are optimised for PIR applications, providing high-quality lumen output for the full lifespan.

Is there an LED G4 solution to replace current halogen G4 capsules?
Aurora's G4 10-30V LED Light Modules are the perfect replacements for traditional G4 capsules.
Available as both uni-directional and omni-directional modules, the replacement LED modules produce up to 160 Lumens while drawing a mere 1W power, and are designed to radiate with 10-30V pull. Also, the life expectancy is 15 times greater than traditional halogen capsules. Aurora's G4 LED modules now feature shock-proof flexibility and a cool operating temperature, which amplifies application potential, especially as they are available in cool white, warm white and blue.

Can a GU10 lamp fit inside a SGU10 fitting?
GU10 lamps will not fit inside SGU10 fittings. However, SGU10 lamps are compatible with GU10 fittings.

What is the maximum ceiling thickness that Aurora downlights will fit into?
The greatest thickness that most Aurora downlights can be installed into is 35mm.

Which downlights are optimised for SGU10 lamps?
The most popular downlights showcasing SGU10 lamps are the 
AU-DLM841/842/843, AU-DLM741/742/743 and A2-DLM801/803.

What is the maximum depth that I can safely submerse IP68 rated fittings? 
IP68 rated fittings are safely submersible at depths of up to 1 metre and are guaranteed for up to 3 years.

Pricing and ordering

How do I find the product prices?
Contact us and we will provide you with pricing details.

How do I place an order with the in-house telesales department?
Please call your personal in-house sales agent at their dedicated lines, provided in your approval confirmation emails.

How do I place an order via fax?
Fax numbers are located on the contact page.  Be sure to place your fax order utilising the approved purchasing template. Orders received after 5:30 p.m. BST may be processed the following morning.

I have not placed an order recently. What is required to ensure my request is handled promptly?
To ensure that requests are processed correctly, please call your dedicated in-house sales specialist with any relevant requests, including any updated contact information.

Does Aurora offer OEM / ODM services, and, if so, how can I get more information?
Aurora provides OEM / ODM services through our Liteworks division. Check out our OEM / ODM page or contact us to learn more about our OEM / ODM capabilities. 

How do I receive a replacement part or product?
Contact us and we will work toward resolving any replacement or refund issues. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information. 

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